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Monday, August 5, 2013

CM Update

""""""customers can still find hundreds of While Supplies Last products available to order, which include the two WSL deals announced Friday:

August 5-18 Stamper Set savings:
Choose from four Gift Pack options which include the Stamper System, a stamp set and an ink cartridge – all for just $25!

August 5-11 PicFolio Plus:
Your customers can choose a PicFolio in either 13x9 or 11x14 and get two packs of white scrapbook pages sized to fit – for just $50. (Available CMOnline only. Bundles will ship in September.)

Some folks have asked why Page Protectors aren’t available with this offer. Due to the way the raw material is sized, we are unable to manufacture Page Protectors in these exclusive sizes.

We know that many of you have PicFolio coversets in your inventory, so we’d like to gauge interest in offering 13x9 and 11x14 scrapbook pages separately for those albums. We’ll be sending a survey later today on that topic and would appreciate your feedback.""""""

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