Tuesday, February 15, 2022

DT: St. Valentine's Day Bookmarks



This is my next post for Craftwell. 

For this post, I made some bookmarks for my children's teachers for St. Valentine's Day:

I found these cute deep cut dies from Taylored Expression (TE) for making felt bookmark critters for Christmas, and made these ones for the Fall and Christmas Bazaars:

I particularly liked the penguin.

So, when I saw that TE made some penguins dies in Valentine's theme, I had to have them and wanted to see if they cut felt as well and yes, they did using my SNAP. I had to put a piece of carstock in top of the sandwich and run it twice, but the SNAP got it right. Best is to use the felt sold by TE, but I run out and used some from Michaels, which also worked fine, but took more effort. 

In short, I died cut the felt pieces, cutting a piece of black carstock for the penguin body (no the arms) as well (in this case, I didn't need to put a piece of carstock in top of the sandwich). I was able to cut all different pieces I needed in the same plate/run. I also cut some of the Christmas Critters Penguins.
Then, I glued the felt pieces together and used the included eye stamps for stamping the eyes (so much nicer than gluing felt eyes):

Then, I stamped on a DCWV heart foiled paper my children's names and the included "HUGS" sentiment. I cut those in slanted strips.

Then, I assembled the bookmarks, using the black cardstock as back, I hot glued the big paperclips, and hot glued to the back of the felt penguin. Then I hot glued the arms, hugging the sentiment strips and to hold the chocolate hearts:

And made some of the Christmas Critters Penguins as well:

I just hot glued the sentiment strip to the back.

Very simple and cute. I made 36 of them quickly:

Craftwell Tools

SNAP die cut machine

Other Companies:

Dies: Taylored Expressions Designer Dangles and Pouches.
Taylored Expression Felt.
Michaels Felt.
Taylored Expression paperclips. 
Takky Glue for the felt
Hot glue gun for the clips.
DCWV Gold and White paper.
Hero Stamps and FSJ inks.

 I hope you enjoy it this fun project and please follow Craftwell as well.

Happy belated Saint Valentine's day

Vicky Tovar