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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update from Creative Memories

Dear Scrappers,
I would like to share with you  an email that i received from my team leader:

Dear Creative Memories Friend,

As you probably know, there are some very significant changes happening with Creative Memories.  Most of our Traditional Line of Products are being retired and are currently while supplies last. Our core products (Coversets, Page Protectors, and Pages) will have a last chance to order time period from July 8-31 - unlimited ordering. I encourage you to look at the albums you want to complete and order the supplies needed ASAP. Contact me for any help or simply order at
You are sincerely invited to my home for three workshops scheduled for fun, fellowship, and getting your albums completed. There are seats available at all workshops. July 2nd, 9th , and 16 from 6pm to 10pm.  The product I have in-stock will be discounted at the workshops.

I believe our photos are life changing and that there is no greater expression of love than an album that celebrates and honors a relationship, a person, or a memory. In the fall, I will be part of launching a product line that is designed for busy tech savvy moms who want to put albums in her home without it costing treasured time and energy to do so.

Below you will see an "official" letter from our company that explains our changes in more details. If you have any questions, concerns or want help with a project, please call me at""""" 409-457-6982

I just inserted my contact info and quoted her email because i found it very appropriated for CM  current situation


Thank you, thank you. All of us at the Home Office are so grateful for your support and encouragement as we transition out of the current Creative Memories business in order to create a bright new future business (which were excited to share more about soon).

For now, you may be wondering about the present, and what’s happening with the products you love. Exiting a business is a complicated undertaking, and we’re learning it’s a little bit messy. Here’s what we thought you’d like to know on a few key subjects:

Products on your Consultants web site (

While Supplies Last Products

Most of the Traditional product line is now while supplies last. So if there's a product you've had your eye on, you may want to get it right away. Any products marked WSL that sell out wont be restocked.

New Products

We know it seems odd to offer brand new products when you’re exiting a business, but we had exciting product in the works at the time of our bankruptcy filing in April and we wanted to get it to market to share with you. (Stop by the St. Cloud office sometime, and our developers would be happy to make you a coffee and explain more about it.) So there are some really lovely new products for Kids, Celebrate products and more that are all Limited Edition - and are also while supplies last.

"Ooh that’s back?" Products

As you may imagine, we need to start the new business with clean shelves, so you’ll find products like former limited editions and tools that were offered in earlier campaigns. They’re still totally relevant and cute (and yep, are also all while supplies last).

Last Chance Order Products

You’ll see some products on the site that have a "Temporarily Unavailable" note on them, like Refill Pages, Page Protectors, and some Coversets. These are currently oversold, but we have a fix for that. July 8-31 well open up a "Last Chance" order period. What that means is that well take pre-orders, order the materials and manufacture them so you have as many as you need. This may take a while, but we will guarantee you get the quantities you order. So you may want to take a look at your needs for current and future projects and plan accordingly to take advantage of the Last Chance timeframe.

Rewards Club : Concluding Aug. 21

Rewards Club Members are awesome, wonderful people, and we were quite fond of the Rewards Club program. It just doesn’t fit the future business were designing very well. So we expect the Rewards Club to end on or around August 21, 2013. Rewards Club Credits can be used until that date.

Membership Fees

Using the August 21 end date, we’ve prorated the remaining value of all Rewards Club Members membership fees (based on $39 rate) and on June 26, we applied that amount of Club Credit to each Members account.

Digital (Sorry for the ambiguity)...

Remember up above where we said that this is a messy process? Well, this is one great example. Were working very, very hard to find a way to continue digital for all of our passionate digital customers in North America. And those conversations and negotiations are taking place as we speak. So for now, please be patient, and ignore any rumors. As we work this through, we will absolutely share more.

Product Certificates: Coupons, Codes and Certificates oh my!

Over the years we’ve offered a variety of Coupon Codes or Product Certificates like Coupon Code CDs, Host Rewards, Product Credits, Product Certificates and more. Like Rewards Club Credits, those will also have an end date of August 21, 2013.

As things change and as we get more information, well be sure to share. Thank you for being the best customers in the entire world and for supporting your Creative Memories Consultant. We appreciate your kindness and faith very much. """"

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