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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joy Paper Bag Mini Album-- thought at Michaels

Dear scrappers,
I am trying to update my blog and include all my previous work besides my current creations.
This mini album made out of 4 brown paper lunch bags, I did as a sample for a class that I was teaching at Michaels. I know that I stop working there since almost a year, so it should be ok to post it know. I used only their basic instructions for making the album, but the paper combination and embellishment were my own creativity.

I don't have the details of the materials used because I did is album using left over from other projects from the class room. If I am not mistaken the stickers were from K Company, but I am not sure anymore. Those were very nice sticker in 3D almost similar to papier toles...
I was able to put 3 small tag in the small pockets made out of the bag bindings and either 4 or 8 large ones in the pockets made out of the bags themselves.
It was a very fun and easy project to do. I hope it serves as importation and if you like the project and want to learn the details, I am sure any of the Michaels current teachers could accommodate a class for you or you could find the instructions online.
Enjoy it :-)

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