Monday, July 14, 2014

Tim's inspired Pocket Watch

Dear scrappers,

I just discovered a few new (for me) challenge pages.
Amazingly I have subscribed to the Simon Says Stamp Blog for a while, but just now I decided to use one of their Monday challenges as inspiration for a gift for my son:

This week challenge is to use faces as inspiration... I used a clock face and my sons exited face with his big with excitement open eyes when he gets something long wished for. I started working on this challenge the same Monday it came out...

I bought this Tim Holtz Idea-ology pocket watch and wanted to a pretend almost real one for my son, who kept playing pretending with my origami owl lockets...

I used some game spinners, some gears, and 2 swivel (TH Idea-ology), a cutout of a 8x8 TH paper pack, and a Steampunk airplane charm. I added the gears using the bards included with the game spinner and added 2 more to create a Pate Philip (? I think is written like that) look. I added liquid glass to the back of the clock cutout to stabilized the gears and an extra thick layer to the front to imitate the look of enamel or stone... I finished the look by stamping using the lost and found acrylic stamps on the face of the watch with a Surfacez (green, Color Book) to further imitate the real look of extra fancy gears and added flair. The liquid glass took almost 24 h to dy out completely...

I attached the clock to 2 swivel chains and added the charm.

This was my son's expression when he received the watch... Priceless

I hope you enjoyed my take to this challenge and hope to participate as often as I can ;-)
Thanks for looking into my blog,


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Vicky Tovar

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  1. Love your beautiful creation. Thank you so much for shaing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. :)

  2. This pocket watch is wonderful! I really love the direction you took with our challenge and how you incorporated a watch face and the adorable face of your son when he received your gift. I really like the way you made the pocket watch have a boyish feel with the airplane charm. I also like the finishing techniques you used to create the different enamel looks. Great work on this and I'm so glad that you participated in this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. It truly is beautiful and I hope you'll join us again with your talents!

  3. Meihsia and Andrea,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I loved then, you made me feel especial, thanks