Tuesday, April 22, 2014

By the Sea altered book

Dear scrappers,
I wanted to share the beginning of an adventure I started with a friend (dear Ann).
She approached me with the great idea of doing an altered book for her parents for their anniversary. They went to a cruise ship to celebrate this big event :-) and came home with plenty of pictures and memorabilia...
We started by going to the half price books store to find an appropriated candidate for this adventure. This will be my first take at an altered book:
David MacAulay

This book has great graphics and potential. After we removed the book jacket with found this gets embossed ship in the back of the book, upsides own... Thus we went to work to cut remove the binding and rebind it upside down at the front and distress it to make it part of the book cover...

We added painter tape to frame the embossed ship and distress it without inking the whole cover. We used some Tim Holtz distress inks with an applicator...

We then diluted some Tim Holtz paint with water in a water mist-bottle and sprayed around the remaining craft colored cover...

Afterward we cut some Graphic 45 "By the Sea" paper borders to connect the binding and the new colored covers. Ann got really exited about burning off the edges to distress the papers, thus she got that job done ;-)

We added some distressed, inked, and glitzzed paper cut-outs to the front cover to highlight the distressed ship and cut the titled and burned the edges as well.

Ann loved the quote in the paper graphics, thus we used it as well.

We added some burlap scraps for framing one of the pictures for the back cover.

The rest of the album will follow later, I will keep you post it...
Have a great week,

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Vicky Tovar

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