Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kings Fair Banner

Dear Scrappers,
My kids school is celebrating their biggest fundraiser this Saturday: our annual Kings fair and guess who volunteered to make my daughter's class one... Yeah, I...
This is fun event, the kids go dressed as maiden and knights.
I have been very busy lately... Putting together this banner:

- I used my gypsy and some cricut carts... Many many...
The painting was the step that took me longer... Next time I will use a big painters brush instead of the foam ones.

I used laminated pictures from the kids as the center of the flowers. I cut each one using my big shot ...

I used a princess cut and replaced the face with my daughter's teacher...
I even included some water drops using liquid glass.
The clouds and the flower cuts were painted my the kids in class. Nice and cleaner way to involve the kids.

A castle with a cross to represent our church...

My first time using vinyl... It wasn't as easy as it sounds because I used painters tape instead of the transfer one and left the cuts too long. Later I had a hard time peeling off the letters. The trick is to use a scoring tool to burnish the cut into the fabric...
I even painted a stream to mimic the fabric my Mom got to make the fold for the rod. My father painted an old rod for drying clothes.
I general, a family effort...
I took me very long, but I love it :-)
What about you?
Have very blessed week

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